Salamander Holdings NV Cooks for Charity

The community-conscious employees of Salamander Holdings N.V. held their 7th annual BBQ & Yard Sale Fundraising Drive, dedicated to Imeldahof, the children’s home in Noord, this past Sunday.

Children’s Home Imeldahof was founded in 1954. It is sustained by a not for profit foundation, Stichting Kinderhuis Imdelahof. The foundation’s goal is the observation, upbringing and care of minors and the home has the capacity to shelter about 56 children, lovingly caring for them as toddlers to teens, counteracting the effects of challenges in their families-of-origin.

Salamander Holdings company employees took care of every aspect of the fundraiser, also recruiting other friends and family members, from boyfriends to cousins, assigning them to shop, cook, serve and help out during the day.

Food was prepared with great attention to detail and was boxed to order as patrons browsed the yard sale of imperfect goods. All proceeds of both the delicious lunch boxes and the funds generated by the yard sale will be given to Imeldahof later in the month.

Pictured here, the 7th annual BBQ & Yard Sale at the Juggling Fish, right under the Old Mill landmark on Palm Beach, adjacent to the Mill Resort & Suites.

Salamander Holdings operates a chain of fine gift stores among them the Juggling Fish at the Playa Linda Beach Resort and the Mill Resort; The Lazy Lizard at the De Palm pier, T.H. Palm & Company at the Playa Linda Beach Resort and The Coconut Trading Co. at The Marriott Ocean Club and Moomba Beach.

Salamander Holdings acknowledges the contributions of Heineken Aruba who donated the tent to keep the volunteers in the shade for the day.

We understand that chef Danny Vermeulen prepared and cooked the chicken served with his secret recipe. A number of people were begging him for the recipe to no avail, he was not bending, he wasn’t telling!

Volunteers were Digna, Nilo, Marvelynne, Steffany, Virgie, Alma, Elena, Shirley, Judy, Evelyn, Rowena, Cory, Lientje, Anchie, Valery, Hilde, Jodi, Irwin & Marlene, as well as Chef Danny Vermeulen, Julie’s niece Shaista and Virgie’s friend.