Salamander Gives to FHMD

Donation to FHMD

In November of 2007, T.H. Palm & Company, one of the most popular and colorful stores on Palm Beach, made a decision to earmark a portion of its sales’ revenue to six local not-for-profit foundations, helping them via regular monetary donations, and giving back to the community, in the words of the ancient Kabala, making Tikkun Olam, helping in the repair of the world.

Shoppers at T.H. Palm & Company were asked to pick their favorite charity from a list of excellent local projects and FUMD, was very high on the list.

Fundacion pa Hende Muhe den Dificultad was founded on November 24, 1995. It was the initiative of a former first lady, Dora Koolman, the Governor’s wife. The goal of the foundation is to improve the position of women in general and to help prevent domestic violence in families, especially towards women. The foundation also aims at providing assistance to women in any difficulty.

Fundacion pa Hende Muhe den Dificultad is a non profit private organization that serves as advocate for victims of domestic violence. The home they operate in a discreet, centrally located neighborhood, also serves as temporary emergency housing, a safe house, for women and their children. Rufina Werleman, the full time social worker on premises works hard on educating the general public and on promoting public awareness regarding domestic violence.

Foundation president Yvonne Spellen, a volunteer who dedicates much of her time to the cause, reports that the foundation delivers counseling, guidance, support, referral services, therapy and legal advice and is available to help 24/7 in cooperation with schools, the Police, the courts and many civil organizations.

The second donation check was handed to FHMD’s volunteers Yvonne Spellen and Diana Werleman De Kort by Salamander Holdings Associates Lientje Thomas, Marvelynne tromp, Hilde Nahr, Anchie Malmberg & Digna Torres this week.

You too can help, they say, make a difference by just shopping at T.H. Palm & Company. Two Percent (2%) of that sale is designated to one of six foundations. You choose which foundation you would like your sale to go to. It’s that easy!

If you would like more information about Fundacion pa Hende Muhe den Dificultad you may call Tel.: 583 5400. You may also contact T.H. Palm & Company Tel.: 586 8909 or email T.H. Palm & Company is located street side at the Playa Linda Beach Resort and opens daily from 9am – 10pm. Open on Fridays until 11pm.