Rufo Ruiz is the Radisson’s Manager of the Second Quarter

Resort Assistant Manager Rufo Ruiz was elected Manager of the 2nd Quarter at the Radisson Aruba Resort Casino & Spa. Rufo was nominated by Fransisca van Esta Tjallingii who praised his extraordinary ability to deal with unforeseen challenges in the after-hours, in his position as the resort’s night manager. She also complimented his willingness to pitch in on behalf of other departments at all hours of the night, and his dedicated support of the total resort operation. Having been previously nominated four times, Rufo’s win came of no surprise.  “I sleep well at night with Rufo at the helm,” added General Manager Rob Smith, “ the resort is fortunate to have such solid night management,” he concluded .

Other outstanding resort managers nominated for the Manager of the 2nd Quarter Award, Tasha Agana, selected by Albert Cruz, and Angelique Croes named by Bibi Ohab.

Bibi Ohab,  chosen by Randell Boekhouder received an honorable mention shared by Raynold Semeleer, voted by Germaine Wever.

Tasha was praised for considerable improvements achieved in Medallia scores, since she took over the front office management; Angelique was credited with excellent “Yes I Can” training talents and abilities. Bibi was lauded for her important role as a leader within the resort community, and Raynold was commended as a  fast learner, in his new position in the Food & Beverage department.

The ceremony was paired with an outing to the Bushiri Karting Speedway, and allowed managers to spin around the course for the duration of one hour, having mastered the safety rules, and donned helmets and visors.

Pictured here the fun they had!