Ronald & Teri return to Aruba

Ronald and Teri Duckett from Philadelphia renewed their wedding vows on the beach at sunset where it all began 30 years ago at the Aruba Beach Club.

Twenty-Five friends and family members attended the ceremony conducted by local reverent Jacobs.

All invited guests were long time Aruba Beach Club members, all have been returning to the island each year for the past 25 to 29 years! Lenny and Marlene Lee who have been her for the past 29 years, and were also present at the original wedding party 30 years ago, stood by the couple for the renewal ceremony with great pride; daughters Taryn and Tarah served as flower girls. Incidentally Teri worked in Aruba as an exercise instructor in the past and even got to be the judge for the 1989 Carnival Queen Election. Ron and Teri visit Aruba every year and could not imagine their renewal of vows anywhere else but on their “happy island.” The ceremony was followed by a champagne toast poolside and dinner at Marina Pirata. Local friends Rosita Ellis and her lovely daughter, as well as Aruba-born Terry Warren, were among wedding guests. See you for Carnival 55th, Terry says.