Roel and Marija are wed at Tulip

Wedding TulieThe new Mr. and Mrs. Oskam celebrated their nuptials at the Marine Vacation Club on Eagle Beach in the presence of family members and friends who came especially on the occasion from Holland.

The groom, Roel, a member of Her Royal Highness’ Dutch Marines stationed on the island in Savaneta, has served on Aruba for two years, where he met his fair lady-love, Marija.

The party featured Lotus a swinging dance band, free flowing cocktails and delicious finger sandwiches, as a preview; and later in the evening many more cocktails and a full dinner buffet with the bride and groom as guests of honor.

While the Oskam got married at the civil registry in town first, they followed that official act with an afternoon church service in Santa Cruz and a picture taking session at the quaint church of Altovista. 

MVC Eagle Beach took care of all arrangements and catered a lovely party on the patio of the Tulip Restaurant