Renewal of Wedding Vows brings Jean and Walter Back to Aruba

Jean & Walter Kazmierczak met in Brooklyn, New York, in 1955.  They dated for 5 years before Walter finally proposed to Jean in 1959. They were married a year later, and went to Aruba on their honeymoon, staying at a just-opened hotel on Palm Beach (Editor’s note:  We suspect it was the Radisson, then called the Aruba Caribbean Hotel). They started their family a year into the marriage when Lori was born.  They waited 5 years to have J.R., then 3 years later Stacey and Joel followed.
Walter worked for American Airlines for over 35 years which brought the family to Broken Arrow OK, where they have been living for 31 fantastic years.

On the eve of their 50th anniversary, their daughters Lori and Stacy decided to bring Jean & Walter back to Aruba, with their families. Love was in the air when the local reverent asked them to re-take their vows, in the presence of Tony, Lori, Natalie, Alex, Doug, Stacey, Jake & Ryan

Bridal Specialist Lisa Dammerman reports they enjoyed a beautiful beach ceremony followed by cocktails at Castaways Bar and Dinner in Sunset Grille Restaurant.