Renaissance launches an inter-island, year-end promotion

DSC07631Much excitement followed the announcement of this morning that the sister Renaissance Resorts in Aruba and in Curacao had just launched an inter-island, year-end promotion appropriately called Island Extravaganza, designed to award a fully loaded Ford Mustang convertible on both islands simultaneously, to two lucky winners on the same day, November 28th, 2009.

The Renaissance in Aruba now proudly displays the new 2009 Ford Mustang Convertible on the street side, in front of the Renaissance Mall as part of its campaign.

The car is a signature casino feature as both the Crystal and the Seaport Casino have awarded America’s favorite muscle car before, in successful past promotions.

“It’s not just a car,” says Zugheila Lindeborg, Shopping Center Marketing Coordinator Renaissance Mall & Marketplace, “it is a legend, one of the most powerful machines ever made in America, and we are giving it away at the end of a mega promotion to one of our loyal customers.”

During the next 39 days, locals and visitors are invited to shop, dine and play at the heart of town Renaissance complex, and bring their receipts to the Player Center at either the Crystal or the Seaport Casino where they will receive a raffle ticket for each Awg 25 spent, and should fill out their name and their address appropriately and deposit the raffle ticket in the designated drum. Casino players will be rewarded with raffle tickets for each 25 points they accumulate while playing.

On November 28th, a twelve hour party will celebrate the conclusion of the campaign with folkloric dances, live musical entertainment, a car show, a fashion show, a singing festival, and a slew of other family oriented activities capped by a spectacular fireworks display at 10 p.m.

The drum will spin at 7 p.m. that night, in plain public view, selecting the lucky man or women, the winners of the new Ford Mustang Convertible.

During a press conference Thursday morning at the Renaissance Marina Tower boardroom, Lindeborg also reported that a remote telecast from Curacao will transmit the festivities from the Curacao Renaissance Resort, Renaissance Mall and Carnival Casino, setting Mustang Mania on fire, at both destinations.

The campaign created an instant sensation as locals and visiting shoppers have been posing with the car in front of the mall and dreaming of an exciting wind-in-the-hair driving experience, prepared to enjoy a head-turning, fun, powerful car which can be theirs, for an Awg 25 investment.

The campaign is offered by: Renaissance Aruba Resort, the Renaissance Mall, Crystal Casino, Seaport Casino, Balashi Beer, Renaissance Curacao Resort, Renaissance Curacao Mall, Carnaval Casino & Balashi Beer.