Red-nose alert! Aruba goes for the Guinness Book of World Records at Flora’s Caminata


Get ready for a major happening on Aruba: Flora’s Clown Doctors’ Caminata, which will be held on Sunday, April 19. This third edition of this carnival-like parade is going to be extra special, as we are going to try and set a record for the Guinness Book of Records by having as many people as possible wearing red clowns’ noses for ten minutes straight. The 2009 caminata will be one huge fun affair once again with lots of music, clowns and Disney animals with the added excitement of going for a World Record!

Setting the record needs quite some intricate logistics: witnesses will be asked to write down the information of all the participants and signed forms will be taken to a public notary and a bailiff who are in charge. Then, armed with a red nose, all participants will be asked to line up behind the music to start the effort. After 10 minutes of wearing noses, the caminata will begin for real. Emcee of the event is godfather of the Clown Doctors, Ruben Garcia, who is also in charge of the Frozen Moment after the parade.

The start as well as the finish of the parade will be at Flora. The starting time is at 5 pm.

We hope that everyone will mark the date April 19 on his or her calendar, so that a spectacular number of participants will set a record that cannot be easily broken.
Who knows: the Clown Doctors’ parade might be put on You-Tube and taken up by the major American networks like CNN, NBC and others. Overnight we all might become famous!