Red Egg and Ginger Party at Amazonia Churrascaria

Palm Beach – More than 150 party-guests enjoyed the hospitality of Amazonia Churrascaria on the occasion of baby Elizabeth’s birthday. According to Chinese tradition, when a baby turns 1 month old, parents like to host a celebration known as a Red Egg and Ginger Party in which the baby receives a name and is showered with gifts by friends and family members.

In the past surviving the first month was a cause for celebration, and families carry on with this tradition as a symbol of their cultural history. Traditional Chinese gifts– including symbols of prosperity and protection—made the ideal gifts, when baby Elizabeth Z. Fang was formally introduced for the first time, receiving blessings from father Felipe and mom Katty, and all their guests, at al all red and pink event, for an extra measure of good luck.

Seen here, the decorated restaurant hosting a fortunate moment, over delicious food and drink!