Realtors Oohh & Aahh Gold Coast

Gold Coast real estate (5)An elegant cocktail party brought island realtors to Gold Coast for a first hand experience of its luxury living and carefree lifestyle.

The local real estate community representatives, realtors, brokers and agents arrived at the residential community topical pool where they were graciously greeted by developer Fito Croes and General Manager Ed Malone, one of Aruba’s most well known and respected tourism professionals.

Both Croes and Malone shared that Gold Coast, Aruba’s largest and fastest growing residential community will have delivered over 85 residences to new, proud owners by mid-December 09. In addition to fast delivery of home-construction, the infrastructure is experiencing a major transformation as streets in the second phase of the community were just asphalted and work on the second community pool is advancing quickly to be completed by November, 2009. Malone reported that it is expected that by the end of October, the streets, sidewalks, streetlights and curbing will be completed with the final landscaping to follow immediately.

The visiting dignitaries were also presented with a Realtor Incentive Program to encourage them to take advantage of sale opportunities. With more than 50% of the complex purchased, developers felt it was important to invite agents to see for themselves the immense progress made on the project. Developers also sought to introduce those who had not seen Gold Coast yet to its beauty, quality of construction, style, security, and convenience, besides properly financing, and the strict adherence to budgets and timetables, as envisioned by the dynamic Croes family members, Mayrin, Fito & Rudy Croes, on the development team.

It gave Croes great pleasure to explain to his guests that Gold Coast is more than a community of homes. It is a community with a heart, he reiterated. The developers realized the Aruba’s real-estate buyers are looking for more than just an investment in bricks and mortar. That they were also looking for an exceptional vacation experience, hospitality and superb owners’ services. Gold Coast, he concluded engaged Ed Malone for the purpose of creating that dream, to assure that the needs of owners and transient visitors are taken care of to their complete satisfaction.

Malone, who is responsible for the day to day operation of Gold Coast, also manages the community relationships including the affairs of the Home Owners Association, maintenance, concierge services and the complex in general. He informed that work on the Club House will commence in early 2010, adding a restaurant, a state of the art spa, a beauty salon, a large infinity pool with leisure areas as well as two lighted tennis courts, a convenience retail shop and business center, to collectively form the community “nerve center,” around which the social life is expected to evolve.

When all complete, the property will boast over 260 residences offering 2 and 3 bedroom townhouses, single level  3 bedroom condos, and 3 and 4 bedroom villa homes set among 26 acres of lush landscaping, picturesque plazas, fountains, within the walls of a fully secure community.

Earlier this year, Gold Coast launched a successful vacation rental program which offers prospective buyers the ideal opportunity to sample the unique island lifestyle enjoyed by Golf Coast homeowners before making a purchase.

Pictured here images from the lively party at Gold Coast, Diamante neighborhood, Malmok.