Rage Silver contributed to last weekend’s Man Na Curazon fundraiser

Man Na Curazon, a very successful radio and telethon raised funds for a local not-for-profit foundation, Fundacion pa nos Comunidad, this past weekend.

The fund raising drive unfolded at the South Beach Centre and received the enthusiastic collaboration of the mall’s tenants. Rage Silver, a charming jewelry boutique at the South Beach Centre contributed to the fashion show with sizzling male and female models, practically loaded with silver bangles, chains, rings, and earrings, against all-white outfits.  The show was very well received and helped the foundation reach its goal of over a quarter million florins pledged for the year.

Visit the store at the Palm Beach Centre, it is open daily from 3 to 10 pm, and also boasts a large collection of Camilia beads.