Quarterly Donation Checks Presented by T.H. Palm & Company

On the occasions of its 7th annual Girls Night Out, T.H. Palm & Company, handed out quarterly checks to a number of local foundations.

The store raises money for local charities via its Tikkun Olam program. Tikkun Olam, the Repair of the World in the language of the Kabala, is the belief that by doing good and giving to charity some of the world’s ill, evil and pain, is repaired, and reversed.

Shoppers who patronize T.H. Palm & Company participate in the Repair of the World when they designate 2% percent of their purchases to the charity of their choice, picking from a community-menu with the option to choose between an elderly recreational facility, Club Kibrihacha,60+, The Edmund Harms Hospice Foundation, Telefon pa Hubentud a help-line for youth, the local cancer fund,  Wilhelmina Kanker Fonds, the shelter for Abused Women by Fundacion Hende Mujer den Dificultad and Fundacion Autismo Aruba.

Pictured here the representatives of the foundations who work very hard on the behalf of the community, receiving the repair on the world checks derived from the funds donated by the Salamander Group and store shoppers.