Professional Pest Control sponsors uniforms

Brasil J.R.S shows off new uniforms
Brasil J.R.S shows off new uniforms

The Brasil J.R.S. soccer team recently baptized its new uniform sponsored by Professional Pest Control.

Professional Pest Control Managing Director Anthony Wever was present as champagne was poured over the brand new uniforms, two sets per player, made of a special lightweight material, most-suitable for sports in the tropics.

The president of Brasil J.R.S Marcelo Croes, a teacher by profession, expressed his desire to see the team go from the Junior to the Honor league this year, delivering a trophy at the end of the season, to the offices of the generous sponsor.

Wever responded enthusiastically, promising to make room at the Professional Pest Control headquarters for all trophies won by the team under his sponsorship.

Croes reports about 125 kids ages five to twenty-eight train with Brasil J.R.S. The club offers five-days of training each week, and friendly weekend games.

Croes also shared his dreams for his players wishing them success in sports and in school, and asking them to challenge themselves both physically and intellectually.

Wever reports he was proud to help and provide uniforms, promoting sportsmanship and learning and thanked the manager of Professional Pest Control, Juan Camilo for getting involved personally in the order. He also thanked his friend M Van Stratten for the initial introduction to Brasil J.R.S.

Pictured here club President Marcelo Croes, his son, trainer Angelo Croes, Professional Pest Control Anthony Wever & Juan Camilo and Dwayne, the club’s oldest player who first got Professional Pest Control in touch with the club.