Professional Pest Control hosts multiply celebrations

In an informal gathering on Christmas Eve Professional Pest Control honored a number of important career milestones and celebrated the opening of its expanded facility.

Managing Director Anthony Wever, guest of honor Audrey Gage, Sales and Commercial Division Manager Juan Camilo Vasquez and over thirty company employees gathered to celebrate the season, as well as noteworthy accomplishments.

In his warm and sincere address, Wever thanked his crew for their many contributions to the company’s successful operation and congratulated them on the opening of the new cantina, which also serves as a modern training center.

Wever praised his crew for their dedication and reliability and declared he was confident that the company is prepared for 2009, and the challenges it may bring in view of global economic developments.

In 2008, he reiterated, Professional Pest Control made an investment in its facility, upgrading it to meet growth and consolidation.

While it was a demanding year, the company’s top performing employees put their best foot forward forging ahead, delivering excellent customer service, internally and externally.

Among company stars, the ever-cheerful Maricel Lopez, who keeps the offices immaculately clean, she was voted Employee of the Forth Quarter for her attitude and fortitude and Jorge Iven Ortiz voted Employee of the Year for his willingness to work overtime, his positive outlook and his fast integration into the company’s culture and Aruba’s community – he picked up perfect Papiamento in just one year, also obtaining a local driver’s license.

The gathering honored Residential Supervisor Mariano Angela who completed 20 years with the company. Wever called Angela a role model who balances an exciting professional and family life with his love for music. Mariano who is the company’s most veteran employee received an oversize grill as his anniversary gift. Elmer Clive Solognier, who operates the heavy fogging equipment in the hotel sector and is always on call, commemorated five years with the company.

Pictured here snapshots from the party at the Professional Pest Control headquarters, while Maricel Lopez was absent, a colleague received the award in her name.

The party also featured delicious, homemade snacks, a secret Santa gift exchange and good natured, fun camaraderie.