Presenting Caribbean Queen Artist Trudy Lampe

We are proud to introduce our Caribbean Queen for July 2013, local artist Trudy Lampe, who prominently displays her beautiful African Caribbean Driftwood Masks in our boutique this month.

Trudy was born in the fishing village of Savaneta, in southwestern Aruba. Her interest in art began at a very early age, as she hails from a creative family, her dad being a talented musician.

In 1976 she took her first pottery course. She continued exploring the art and developing her technique in the Netherlands at Sticusa, a Dutch foundation for the arts, for a period of two years. In 1978, she came back to Aruba to work at the not-for-profit Fundacion Artesania Arubiano, teaching all she had learned overseas to young students, some of them handicapped.

In 1980 she started her own pottery studio, producing a variety of artisan products, targeting tourists as potential clients. At the same time she was also inspired to paint Aruban landscapes on her ceramic pieces. As the demand for her work grew, she experimented with paint on different materials, such as driftwood, and having always been an admirer of African and Indian masks, she was moved to combine those images with Caribbean themes, creating her signature African-Caribbean masks.

Trudy favors the use of bright colors, their energy reminding her audience that she lives and works in the Caribbean. “My personal imagination,” she explains, “paints the Caribbean’s bright and happy colors, reflecting a carefree lifestyle, in warm weather, surrounded by gentle people.”

Trudy’s atelier can be found in her home village of Savaneta, where she raises her family of three kids. Her work will be on display at Caribbean Queen, Palm Beach Plaza Mall, for the entire month of July.