Peter & Geraldine Simonovitch honored at Divi Phoenix

Peter & Geraldine, time-share owners at the Divi Phoenix were honored with a certificate of distinction on behalf of the Aruba government this week. The ceremony was conducted by the representative of the Minister of Tourism Francis Jacobs who thanked the couple for making Aruba their home away for home. Francis also expressed sincere gratitude for the Simonovitch’s loyalty to the island and its people, having brought many friends here along with family members, to introduce them to the wonders of Aruba.

Peter & Geraldine have visited the island since 1994 when they stayed at the Concorde. In their search for a perfect vacation spot they also stayed at the then-Americana, at the Radisson and at the Holiday Inn, even the Aruba Grand which they loved, coming here a total of 31 times. In 2001 they bought into Divi Resorts vacation ownership program, and concluded their search, as they have found paradise, they declared.

Also traveling with Peter & Geraldine, Donald & Nancy Nussey, both couples are from Spencer Massachusetts.  Lillian Maduro representing the Divi Phoenix management team, arranged for a friendly toast and delicious hors d’oeuvres to mark the festive occasion. General Manager John Neophytou and Rooms Division Manager Pedro Vargas dropped in to also congratulate the honorees.