New Jewelry Collection at Caribbean Queen, By Omaira Toro

A local artisan, Omaira Toro, is showing her colorful collection of hand crafted jewelry at the beautiful Caribbean Queen store just recently opened at the Palm Beach Plaza Mall, joining a fine selection of stylish retail and tasty food outlets.

As part of the store’s core values, a genuine local Caribbean Queen is honored every month, and that Caribbean Queen, a local artisan who lives and creates here, is invited to exhibit her art at the store.

For the month of March, jewelry maker Omaira Toro is the artist of choice. While the blood running in her veins is 100% Venezuelan, Omaira Toro is 100% Aruban at heart.

At the beginning of her artistic career Omaira pursued her passion for jewelry design and making, in jewelry workshops and stores, yet after several years of gaining experience and honing her skills, she branched out independently to create her own brand: Omaira’s Bohemian Style.
Merging creative ideas and artistic flair into a fine jewelry line Omaira believes that a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring, are more than just a necklace, a bracelet or a ring, they are magical instruments with which the spirit is lifted.

In her work Omaira evokes age-old techniques, and always presents a unique approach, a sophisticated blend of square and round, light and heavy, seeking the balance between two juxtaposed elements. With a playful interchange of fun and fashion, all Omaira’s designs are 100% handmade, using leather, wire, glass gems and precious metals of the highest quality, carefully selected by the artist so that each piece is . . . an investment in looking gorgeous!

Visit Caribbean Queen at the Palm Beach Plaza Mall and get acquainted with Omaira’s work.

The artist has been living on Aruba for the past 22 years, and it has been that long that she came to settle on this beautiful island and make it her home.

As a professional Tour Guide, Omaira dedicated much of her time to teaching visitors about important and prominent landmarks, yet she found her true vocation, in all forms of artistic expression.