Milano presents a unique culinary experience

Chef Ricky Croes is not an unknown entity in the world of gastronomy. He is a young man who has always been able to innovate in the kitchen. Now, together with another young chef, Gilbert Flemming, the dynamic duo is presenting one of the most artistic and exotic menus ever tasted in Aruba.

“We want to present of-the-moment dishes, recipes that not only speak of food, but also of everyday life. The universe is not a book of recipes, people have to adapt to the economy, to fashion and to added spirituality. That is also what our food does. Adapting itself to the tastes, technology and ingredients of the moment,” Chef Ricky Croes says.

Chef Gilbert adds: “Aruban food and the island’s dishes use delicious ingredients, forgotten many times, because restaurants tend to stick to the rules dictated by classic cuisine. Examples abound, everybody on the island likes the taste of the tamarind fruit with a fleshy, juicy pulp. A lot of people also like spicy papaya relish laced with Madame Jeanette, Scotch Bonnet peppers. We bring our traditional and Aruban elements forward, combining these with the Italian, French and Asian kitchens, to create a new way of eating.” This is truly evident in the menu, on which diners can find fine ingredients such as Veal Sirloin, of Italian origin accompanied by Aruban condiments, such as tamarind.

Sophisticated and elaborate cooking techniques make the difference in dish taste and presentation. The mission of the gastronomic team of Milano Restaurant is to lead the client on a journey of texture, with pleasant and unexpected flavors, combining local and international ingredients that are surprising and fresh. The presentation of each dish is modern and artistic, and also strategically designed so one may enjoy the invasion of flavors in a way that is pleasant and comforting. You can also expect to be surprised any moment of the night with an “amuse”, a small appetizer which is a special creation of the talented team.

Milano Restaurant is growing with a diverse clientele. With attractive prices and impeccable service, modern decor, a relaxing and friendly ambiance for all generations and preferences. Milano Restaurant also offers an extensive wine and champagne list. Xclusivo Magazine had the opportunity to taste a variety of dishes. The verdict was unanimous: Excellent! We wish Milano Restaurant & Lounge and its young and dynamic team a lot of success!