Meet Caribbean Queen for June Artist Sandra Ospina At Caribbean Queen Palm Beach Plaza Mall

Palm Beach – Caribbean Queen for the Month of June, artist Sandra Ospina, will be on hand at the Caribbean Queen store on Thursday, from 7 pm to 9pm, to meet and greet clients, answer questions about her work and in general interact with the general public.

Sandra who makes fun recycled cigar-box bags, will be available in the store at the Palm Beach Plaza Mall. So drop in to be entertained and enchanted by the artist and by her whimsical creations.

Sandra, whose full name is Sandra Milena Ospina Pombo was born in Palmira, Colombia, and the lush province of Valle del Cauca was the focal point of Sandra’s childhood and adolescent memories.  Living and working in Aruba for the past ten years, enjoying this beautiful island, she learned to tap into these early memories by looking up to her father, who was the artistic bread-winner for the family.

Sandra’s dad was quite famous in Colombia as a plastic artist and as a little girl, she followed in his footsteps, creating poetry that surprised many as works of art beyond her years.

Sandra’s compelling artistic background is coupled with her innate ability to rise to the challenge and create special souvenirs, attractive to both visitors and locals. She is eternally on the quest for a better, more appealing product and strives to create different items that excite visitors.

In recent years, she has been tinkering with innovative designs of purses made from cigar boxes, and since her dad passed away eight months ago, Sandra has been determined to carry on his legacy and devote more time to her artistic development.

She also admits that working on the cigar-box bags brings her closer to him.  Every bag she creates has a unique style and look that often utilizes other recycled pieces, such as wine corks, key chains, dice, and even kitchen-cabinet door handles.  Although some of Sandra’s favorite pieces are just plain cigar boxes with indigenous Cuban designs, some are fancier and more ornate, as she hopes to appeal to more women with her work. Sandra also donates 10% of all proceeds from her work to Casa Cuna, the local orphanage and children’s home.

Sandra’s collection for Caribbean Queen is a combination of her past collections and the new season styles, featuring different colors and ornamentation.

Enjoy her art throughout the month of June at Caribbean Queen, Palm Beach Plaza Mall.