Mageia Shows Off Italian Fashions

mageia-3Mageia, the Italian Boutique on Palm Beach, adjacent to Gianni’s restaurant delivered a fantastic fashion show Saturday night on the sidewalk just in front of the garden restaurant.

A formal runway set up alongside the restaurant tables had Aruba’s supermodels strut their stuff in Italian Prêt-à-Porter designs from casual outfits to evening gowns, cute dresses and beach wear, for the Summer Collection, 2009.

Champagne and hors d’oeuvres were served before and after the show to Aruba’s invited glitterati as they lounged, relaxed and watched. DJ Theo supplied the edgy, nervous sound track.

Organized by boutique owner Lara Ferrara and store manager Karina Zimmerman the show was superbly put together by event producer Gerrit Tromp with makeup by Maruta Veeris and Gwen Croes.

The fashion parade was one hour long and delivered many great touches including live models in the Mageia store windows and singer C-zar Olarte, as the entertainer in the opening act. Nuraisa, Kassia, Gillain, Carol, Gail, Nabila, Angie, Zila, Vanity & Kimberly showed off the creations of Paola Frani, Patrizia Pepe & Aniye By, working the crowd and the catwalk in the style of the New York fashion week. They also showed off Ash Italia shoes and bags and well as Pedro Garcia shoes and Gianni Chiarini bags and accessories.

The dresses shown by Mageia were all made of soft, flowing and sheer materials, which looked cool and loose, many inspired by the colorful abstract combinations of famed Italian designer Pucci, with strapless shoulders, blouson style tops and raffled bottoms which lent the clothes a very feminine, sexy look. Surprise, the peasant-style dresses and tops are back, and the stone washed faded jeans are bell-bottomed with accented, slanted pockets. The day time bags are oversize and the evening bags are slender envelopes and clutches. The shoes showed by the models were especially attractive with strappy ankles and open toes designs. They looked comfortable with a medium size, wide and angled heel. The color palette included many earth tones: brown, gold, beige, some tiger print, and splashes of spring colors, reddish pink, salmon, coral, as well as lilac, lavender, sea foam and baby blue. The bikinis were all the delicate, artistic work of Miss Bikini, bejeweled and beaded with matching throws and billowing cover-ups, the amazing work of designed Francesca Piacentini.

Pictured here, Lara & Karina organize a most-enjoyable evening, with al fresco fashions, on Palm Beach.