Lunch Box presentation talks about cancer with the Wilhelmina Kankerfonds

Members of the extended La Cabana family  were invited to a lunch box presentation in the conference room in which Lupina Croes of the Wilhelmina Cancer Foundation focused on disease with a special reference to Breast Cancer and the three pronged approach which includes self-examination, visits to the gynecologist and mammograms.

The session was interactive and interesting, and the colleagues learned that our knowledge of how cancer develops is expanding rapidly, however many aspects of the disease still remain a mystery.

The session also described the services provided by the Cancer Fund, named after Queen Wilhelmina and suggested lifestyle changes, a healthy diet, and cautious use of selected antioxidants, exercise, and weight reduction which can also help reduce the incidence of developing cancer.

The session concluded that to date, the most important strategy in improving survival is screening and early detection.

La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club also introduced an original fund raiser, offering all associate who wanted to contribute Awg. 5 to the Cancer Foundation, the privilege of wearing Jeans to work, and receiving a pink ribbon, says Tessely Koolman, Director of Human Resources.