Long term careers celebrated at the Renaissance Crystal and Seaport Casinos

The Renaissance Convention Center hosted a recent lunch party orchestrated and emceed by Queta Werleman and the Human Resources team.

The afternoon gave Special Recognitions, presented by casino manager Edgard Roos, to those who celebrated their anniversary during the January-February & March 2010, period.

Marking their fifth anniversary at the Crystal & Seaport Casinos, Raquel Geerman, Seaport Beverage and Myenou Antonia, Crystal Marketing & Host.

Completing ten years with the company Sigrid Hammelburg, Marketing Manager,     Hubert Inocencia, Crystal Operation and Leonor Campusano, Crystal Cleaner.

Concluding fifteen years of service Silvio Willems, Crystal Operation and Jermito Geerman, Crystal Beverages.

Celebrating long-term dedication of twenty years Elias Fingal, Crystal A&G, Veronica Wilson, Crystal Beverage, Erwin Zievinger, Crystal Surveillance, Benjamin Esguerra, Crystal Beverage, Ana Maria Leonora, Cleaning Department, Michelangelo Arends, Crystal Marketing & Host and Edsel Reyes, Crystal Operation.