Launching a campaign with a new visual image Aruba Bank continues to develop its brand celebrating the launch with a week-long Customer Appreciation

As an expression of its dynamic and innovative brand, Aruba Bank has continually evolved its product and is currently launching a new visual image as part of its distinctive communication style.

In 2004, Aruba Bank launched its new branding concept. The bank continued to mature and progress internally, in sync with its fresh look, also enhancing the method of communication with its clients. The focal point of Aruba Bank’s interaction with clients is its new visual approach, unveiled today by means of a singular campaign.

The change of a visual image is an external expression of internal processes, and is of major importance to the company, reflecting its dynamic course, and evolutionary nature. That introduction of new ideas and concepts, keeps Aruba Bank in the forefront of banking on the island, and safeguards it appeal to the local community. With the change in its visual image, Aruba Bank is now prepared to bring change to the way it promotes itself, and to the way it communicates, delivering a unique message to its clients and the public in general.

Within Aruba Bank’s new communication style, the bank again demonstrates how well it understands its clients and their banking needs, throughout their entire life cycle.

The new Aruba Bank ads focus on the diverse personalities who come to Aruba Bank for their even more-diverse banking need. As the clients present their questions, the bank answers, matching each challenge with the appropriate solution, delivering desirable products and services. The various personalities used in the ads, reflect all walks of life, and all target groups.

Along with a new print campaign, Aruba Bank is also launching a refreshed website with a new approach:, delivering a renovated identity, and concentrating exclusively on clients and their financial needs.

At the same time, Aruba Bank has also launched Aruba Bank Online (ABO) mobile, which allows users to complete ABO bank transactions, via their Blackberry, Android and Smartphone.

With the completion of the project, Aruba Bank wanted to celebrate the introduction of its new visual image with its clients. The special celebration starts on August 26th and goes on through the entire week. From Monday, August 26th, until Friday, August 31st, clients who visit any of the Aruba Bank branches will receive a special treat, as well as a small token of appreciation, on Monday and Friday.

To make the introduction of the new visual image even more meaningful, Aruba Bank has introduced its Aruba Bank Scholarship Program.

With this program, Aruba Bank is lending its support to education, helping two future professionals to continue with their studies and become role models for our community.

Aruba Bank will fund the cost of study for two individual students who wish to continue their higher education on a college or university level, in Aruba, Curacao, the Netherlands, the Unites States, or Canada, for the duration of four years. If the students choose to continue their studies in Aruba or Curacao, they will receive a maximum of AWG 40.000 divided over 4 years, and if students decide to continue their studies in the Netherlands, the United States or Canada, they will receive a maximum amount of $40.000, spread over 4 years.

Who can apply? Colegio Arubano, IPA, or EPI students, above the age of 17, who would like to continue their higher education on a college or university level in the field of business, with a focus on finances or management. To be eligible for a scholarship, students must have a final grade of at least 7 for each subject. The annual total income of the students’ parents must be below AWG 72.000, or below AWG 60.00 in case of single parents. The applicant is also required to present a letter of good conduct, and must sustain his claim for a scholarship with a letter from the parent(s)’ employer, and proof of their annual income.

The suitable scholarship applicant must be an active student and should be able to demonstrate that he or she is an keen member in one or more activities/organizations that stimulate his/her development and the development of his/her community in general. The applicant must present an acceptance letter from their University of choice and must also write a short essay explaining why they should be considered for the prestigious Aruba Bank Scholarship.

Aruba Bank will begin accepting student applications between February and May 2013. The applications will be evaluated by the Aruba Bank Scholarship Program Committee. The two students chosen to receive the Aruba Bank Scholarship will be announced in July 2013.

For more information about the Aruba Bank Scholarship Program, email: or call Ghislaine Croes at 527 7736, during office hours.

With the introduction of Aruba Bank’s new visual image, the upcoming Customer Appreciation Week, the exciting ABO mobile and the announcement of the esteemed Aruba Bank Scholarship Program, Aruba Bank has again confirmed its deep commitment to the community and its steadfast support of its clients.