Last Opportunity to View Artist Elisa Lejuez Peters’ Creations, at The Caribbean Queen

Palm Beach – The exhibition of small artworks by Eliza Lejuez Peters will be open at The Caribbean Queen store, until the end of the month. Located in the Palm Beach Plaza Mall, the store features canvases by the well established local artist who is presently in NY, representing Aruba in Manhattan, at a travel show, hosting travel, art, culture and food press. Elisa is a prolific painter, and she just returned from New York City where she showed her work at the SOHOTEL ARTSPACE GALLERY, in early October. Then this week again, she was asked to travel to the Big Apple on behalf of the Aruba Tourism Authority. On both occasions, New York welcomed the Dutch Caribbean artist with open arms, appreciative of her vibrant color combinations and universal, contemporary appeal. Ever since The Caribbean Queen store first opened late last year, it has been honoring local women who live and create on the island. For November, the store has declared artist Elisa Lejuez as its Caribbean Queen of the month, prominently displaying her beautiful and bold artwork. For her in-store show Eliza was inspired by Alfred North Whitehead, 1861, who said: “Art is the imposing of a pattern on experience, and our aesthetic enjoyment is recognition of the pattern.” She found inspiration for this collection in different patterns, hailing from different cultures. “Prints patterns,” she explains, “have been an important medium, as the elements of the pattern repeat in a predictable manner, creating rhythm and harmony. As patterns are based on templates or models, if they have enough in common the unique synergy is created, expressed in colors, lines and shapes,” she says.“I have always been inspired by patterns and their interplay,” she adds. And it’s no wonder since Elisa’s first job as a textile designer for several Dutch companies allowed her the opportunity to travel to Asia and other exotic parts of the world. Working as a textile designer Elisa gained precious impressions that became the foundation of her artist life.As the graduate of the University of Fine Arts, she also specialized in Arts at the Post University of Fine Arts, both in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Her Masters Degree in Arts launched her career in The Netherlands, and catapulted her into the heart of Aruba’s art scene, with her move to the island in 2000. Living on Aruba, she explains, gave her the inspiration and opportunity to develop herself as an artist. She has been working and showing her work internationally since 2001. In 2010 she took her art “off the canvas” and put it into clothing, as well.The Elisa Lejuez Peters collection at Caribbean Queen includes 20 small works, 40/40 cm in size, and some even smaller and easy to pack. The works are colorful — the same colors appear in Eliza’s dreams – dazzling with bright Caribbean warmth. The medium is acrylic paint, mixed media and self-made silkscreen prints on canvas. The silkscreen prints lend an extra layered, archeological dimension to the work. Elisa’s work will be on display for the whole month of November. Everyone is invited to stop by the Caribbean Queen store, located on the first floor of the Palm Beach Plaza Mall, to check it out.