L’America Gallery Just Opened its Doors For All Art Lovers Showing Them a Little Bit of local and Latin American Art

Gallery L’America was founded from a vision by Erik Droogenbroek and Tone Møller. During their travels throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, they encountered beautiful artifacts only to find out that these were not available on our home island, Aruba.

Considering their passion for art and sensing demand among their friends on the islands, .they decided to create a market place for art from ‘the Americas’: Gallery L’America

The opening of L’America Gallery was an exciting evening. We had the honour of the presence of the Minister of culture Michelle Hooyboer Winklaar, who opened the evening .together with Eric & Tone

‘We are very excited with the opening of the gallery, we offer a window to show the Aruban community different pieces of art now available here in Aruba’ says Conny Kiers, Gallery .Manager

At L’America gallery you will find fabulous art pieces as well as a variety of art supplies. .Also a very interesting museum that will expand more in the future

.They are also specialized in framing in any size or material

Visit L’America Gallery located in Italiestraat behind Kong Hing Supermarket  to find priceless pieces of art from Peru to Chile, Brazil to Curaçao, Aruba to Guatemala, .Barbados to Colombia, Argentina to Haiti, Mexico to Puerto Rico, St. Lucia to Uruguay