La Cabana’s Song Festival applauds its Winners

Mathilde Benito, Marouschka Violenus, and Alberto Groeneveld received the loudest applause and were enthusiastically endorsed by both judges and audiences for category A, as they placed in the top three at the end of La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club’s recent song festival.
For category B the three top finalists were Orlando Bolivar, Roland Croes, and Maria Maduro.

The perfectly organized song festival, with tickets sponsored by Interprint, entertained the associates of La Cabana Beach & Racquet for the 5th annual time. Organized in great detail by the Social Committee the festival awarded seven attractive trophies to its winners, all generously sponsored by Professional Pest Control, who has been supporting the festival since its first edition.

Accompanied by the Cassinger Sweet Band, the festival was judged by six professional jury members, Farita Luidens, Papito Raphael, Harlan Verner, John Francis Jacobs, Maybelline Arends & maestro Eduardo Maya, with an assistant. Jury members gave up their free time to contribute to the level of professionalism and showmanship, as they selected the winners from among 18 talented participants.

The evening was filled with excellent music, raffles and door prizes and included one big surprise, prepared by Executive Committee members, Managers  & Supervisors supported by their children, who presenting the annual Management Show, starring the unforgettable This Time for Africa, by Shakira, also known as Jessica Franken, and the Waka Waka group, at the beginning of the second half. The festival closed with the performance of the Sparkling Singers.