La Cabana’s Associates Learn the Five Languages of Love

EAGLE BEACH – In celebration of Valentine’s Day, La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino’s Green and Health Committee invited public speaker   Mirthania Rasmijn to give a presentation on the Five Languages of Love, helping associates discover their own love language, as well as that of their loved ones, friends and colleagues.

Mirthania gave a short explanation of each of the Five Languages of Love, which are made up of Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time and Physical Touch. “When you learn to recognize The Five Love Languages, you will improve your communication altogether, not only in words but in acts,” Mirthania explained.

Mirthania also touched on the different types of love, as described by the Greeks: love of family, love of friends, the love of couples, and the unconditional love for humanity.

The presentation ended with a moving short film about a father who had to choose between saving a train full of people and his only son, who had fallen between the train tracks.

After thanking Mirthania for sharing her passion and time with La Cabana’s associates, the Green & Health Committee continued to spread the love, setting up a Valentine’s Day corner in the Chit Chat Café, where committee members handed out heart-shaped Dulce de Leche caramels to their lovely colleagues.

Our photos show the love-filled celebration of Valentine’s Day at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino.

For more information on The Five Languages of Love, take the Gary Chapman’s test on the