La Cabana’s Art Recycle Competition 2009 celebrates the earth


Children of resort associates were invited to create a piece of art from recycled materials  for the resort’s 8th annual expo, held as part of the program for Earth Week Celebrations 2009.

Genesis Valdez and Yunaydy Olivero joined Daniella Yarzagaray as the three winners in their respective categories, Genesis for the toddlers, Yunaydy for the pre-teens and Daniella for the young teens. Certificates and gifts were given to all the participants who enjoyed having their creations on public display at the resort’s conference room.

Other participants include Luis Eduard Arias, Kenia Da Costa, Joshua Zaandam, Tamar Cratz, Michael J. Da Costa and Raymie Echobardo.

Themes for art displays included the Earth, Re-Live, Re-Educate, Re-Forest & Re-Nurture.  Pictured here the budding artists with their creations.