La Cabana Recognizes Audrey Croes-Lacle for International Women’s Day

Eagle Beach — International Women’s Day is annually held on March 8, and has been celebrated since 1911. The day focuses on women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. It is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace. On this day and throughout March thousands of events are organized to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women and reflect on the continuing challenges women still face. Many groups around the world choose different themes each year, relevant to global and local gender issues.

Aruba is also blessed with women who spearhead one or more community causes successfully. Audrey Croes- Lacle is one of them, as she recognized a challenge about to become a crisis, a social issue the government and social organizations tried through the years to find a solution for unsuccessfully.

Audrey had a vision and she was determined to pursue resolution with the help of her fantastic A-TEAM, the local media, the government, the business sector, civic organizations, families and the people of Aruba in general.

Her initiative: address, walk, talk and act on behalf of drug addicts, mostly homeless, roaming the main street and disturbing business life downtown and in the surrounding areas. She designed a plan of action to send the addicts to a rehab facility in the Dominican Republic for two years, in hope they would take the opportunity to start a new life and come back to the island as new persons.

In 2008 she founded the “Adopt an Addict” foundation in order to get the local media, direct families and the community involved, raising funds in support of this ambitious undertaking.

Institutions, companies, families and the community was called upon to sponsor/adopt an addict (women or men) for 2 years, for a certain amount of donation money.

Through the years, the foundation sent over 200 addicts – of the estimated 300 island wide – for rehab in the Dominican Republic, to Hogares Crea, and in 2010 a rehab center, Esperanzas, was inaugurated here.

The foundation is presently working on a new project called Blessed Village – a full-fledged local rehab center that can accommodate more recovering addicts, as the job of helping those who lost their way is never done.

In commemoration of International Women’s Day, the Green & Health Committee and the Eagle Team representing all of La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino associates were pleased to bestow honors on Audrey in celebration of her achievements.  Audrey, a dedicated wife, mother, grandmother, business woman, a good friend and an excellent sister to many addicts and their families, was recognized for her impressive drive, vision, determination and creative solution in making a difference in the community through the “ADOPT AN ADDICT” FOUNDATION.

Audrey was given the recognition on behalf of the people of Aruba, resort owners & guests, La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino associates and their families, saluted from the bottom of their hearts for inspiring them to also contribute in a meaningful way.

In her acceptance speech Audrey listed lack of love and support as one of the main factors fueling addiction; she urged the presents to be compassionate and attentive towards addicts. Having been blessed with an excellent support team, she thanked the resort for the recognition and for the generous donation made to the foundation.

The presentation concluded with a quote of Mother Therese: Give of your Hands to Serve and your Heart to Love!

Pictured here snapshots from the distinguished event.