La Cabana Observes Health Week

Health Week was observed at La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club on April 4, 6 & 7, 2011. The resort’s Green, Health & Safety Committee put together the Health Week program in conjunction with World Health Day, encouraging resort employees to get tested, also offering an interesting lecture by Carlos Chang.

While management provided all testing materials and equipment the resort’s own certified EMT staff performed the blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol checks.

All associates were requested to adhere to the pre-test two hours “no-food-no-drink” rule, and the majority of associates made good use of the opportunity, lining up early for their turn.

The results of each associate were recorded and compared to the previous year’s numbers, so that each associate was informed of his health indicators and made aware of all danger signs. Another cycle of testing will be offered in October.

The Green, Health & Safety Committee was grateful to the EMT Team for their wonderful cooperation. Medical Coordinator Lindoro Abraham Vera reported most results were within norm, as the resort focused this year on living a healthier life-style, and the numbers certainly reflect this trend.

Rosanne Roy, Associate Relations Manager, La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club, explained that within Health Week a special Lunch Box Lecture offered by Carlos Chang wrapped up the program.
Chang, popularly referred to as Dr. Chang is known for his successful natural, Detox formula.

The speaker quoted ancient wisdom saying that plants should make up meals and herbs medicines, encouraging associates to go green and add home-grown vegetables, fruits, roots, grains and more water, to their diets. Water, he stated, hydrates and purifies the body, advocating a drink of water every hour. He further cautioned all associates to stay away from processed foods, sugar & soft drinks, promising his audience that drinking a lot of water, eating veggies and using his formula will make their faces shine!

It was an informative and mind-expanding lecture, enjoyed by associates. Chang also complimented the Food & Beverage Department for the tasty and healthy meal served in the lunch box. He has been to many resorts on the island, he explained, and this was the first time he saw a well prepared, well balanced, healthy meal presented to employees.

Pictured here Health Week in action, the testing and the lecture.