La Cabana & Maggy’s Perfumeries host Beauty Days

Eagle beach — La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino prepared a 2 day special event for its female associates, which included makeup beauty classes and guided fragrance expositions.

The beauty consultants at Maggy’s Perfumeries, the island’s beauty experts, were invited to host the sessions, given to the Front Office agents, the Food &Beverage department service employees and the Administrative department, with all Administrative Assistants in attendance.

The Beauty Class by Maggy’s, introduced Dior products and took place midweek in the training room which was completely transformed. Maggy’s makeup artist Luz gave various demonstrations focusing on every day makeup and skin care, for improved grooming and a better look, at work.

All participants received an Awg 50 gift certificate to the store, at the end of the session. They were also signed up for Maggy’s added-value beauty miles program, and given the opportunity to make purchases, and experiment with their newly acquired makeup skills.

The beauty classes and fragrance expositions, featuring Maggy’s top best selling fragrances, unfolded two days in a row, and included the majority of female associates, at the resort.