La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club Salutes its Champs

A nicely catered lunch party was organized in honor of the Associate of the Month winners for January, February, March & April of 2010, at the Captain’s Table Restaurant.

The gathering singled out and praised associates who performed above the rest, during the first quarter of the year.

Virginia De Lange of the Housekeeping Department was praised for her consistent and good-natured demeanor as her love to the hotels and its guests always reflects itself in the quality of service she delivers. Miguel Rasmijn of the Engineering Department was lauded for his knowledgeable and resourceful work and for his ever-present willingness to resolve all challenges. Miguel who was unable to attend was represented by a colleague from his department.

Miguel’s colleague from the Engineering Department Errel Tromp was the winner for March, and he was cited for his punctual and precise handling of all tasks, big and small, and for his level of inter-departmental cooperation.

Eleucadia Croes of the Food & Beverage department was distinguished for April for her hard work at the Islander’s Grill, while by herself behind the range. Her colleagues from the general kitchen came out to spontaneously celebrate her achievement and congratulate her on the honor, as soon as the good news reached them.

The winner for Supervisor of the First Semester, was Mildred

Clemencia, a super-organized, perfectionist from the Department of Human Resources, who keeps the payroll information in top shape, and her department running like clockwork.

The Winning Team for the First Semester was the Housekeeping

Department, whose members Sionise Antoine, Margarita Tatis Cano, Yvonne Duncan, Susan Estanislao, Jorge Mestanza, Dolores Flores, Betty Ortiz, Magdalena Gomez, Carlos de la Cruz, Solange Enmanuel, Cynthia Headley, Yolanda Boekhoudt, collaborate in a very unique manner to make sure that rooms on their third floor are always done ahead of schedule, helping each other to beat the clock and cover all areas as a team, not as individuals.

Also applauded at the end of the luncheon party the Eagle Team in charge of promoting better understanding and improved communication at the resort. They have been working hard to reach the farthest corners, including all associates, keeping them appraised of current events and abreast of all hotel news.