La Cabana Beach and Racquet Club pays homage to Aruba’s Anthem & Flag

The Chit Chat café paid homage to Aruba’s Anthem & Flag Day just before the holiday by staging a special lunch celebration. The cafeteria was decorated in Aruba’s national colors and the special menu reflected many local favorites including mouthwatering Keshi Yena, prepared by the Queen of the Kitchen, Maria. For dessert, the Assistant General Manager Jessica Franken delivered an astounding 450 just-baked, home-made koeki lerchi, which are very delicious sugar cookies baked to a crunch. Jessica reports that while the local favorite is a simple cookie, the dough is tricky, and rotating tray after tray of oblong cookies into a home oven, is even trickier, but she was happy with the results and so were her co-workers who devoured the sweets with great enthusiasm. Good job, Jessica!!