Kaffas Promotes the Art of Food and Wine Pairing

Kaffas restaurant at the Palm Beach Plaza Mall offered a palate-pleasing opportunity to enjoy some of Italy’s fine wines, in conjunction with the restaurant’s delicious cuisine.

The evening was guided by Wine Artist Clive Faustin, Wine Portfolio & Account Team Leader at

Romar Trading and toured local lovers of wine and food through a five-course menu, carefully prepared by Kaffas culinary team.

Restaurant Manager Yenny Pena welcomed her guests to the tastefully decorated second floor eatery, with a chilled flute of Torresella Prosecco which was paired with appetizing Napolitanean-style Bruschettas heaped with diced mushrooms and smoked salmon.

The appetizer, a generous Ensalada Caprese, with sliced beefsteak tomato and Buffalo mozzarella was drizzled with Kaffas unique pesto, and paired with a crisp and fresh Torresella Pinot Griggio 2010.

True to the evening’s Italian theme, a piping-hot linguini with roasted garlic, shrimp, leeks, and sundried tomatoes in white wine reduction, was named after movie legend Sophia Loren who was once quoted saying: “Everything you see I owe to spaghetti,” crediting Italian food for her beauty and sexy figure. Sophia Loren’s Linguini was paired with a dry and lively Santa Margherita Chardonnay 2008.

Guests enjoyed the restaurant ambiance and the excellent service as the Forest Risotto was prepared in the open, exhibition-style kitchen, and served flavored with an exquisite selection of mushrooms, spinach, and sweet corn, paired with Torresella Cabernet Sauvignon 2008.

At dessert, the velvety Chocolate Cake, paired with Concha Y Toro Late Harvest 2007, guests expressed their appreciation for the well-prepared menu and impeccable wine pairing, as presented by Wine Artist Clive Faustin, Restaurant Manager Yenny Pena and her helpful and efficient staff, to the music of Sax Man Eduardo Proveyer.

The restaurant is open seven days a week from 5pm to 11pm, at the Palm Beach Plaza Mall. Kaffas menu is very extensive, featuring fusion creations.  The restaurant boasts an excellent Martini and Cocktail list, then goes on to offer Appetizers, Soups, Creams and Crepes. Vegetarians will delight in a list of 12 fresh salads, and beef-lovers will be gratified to peruse the Black Angus dishes, as well as poultry, pastas, risottos, casual sandwiches, Tex Mex favorites, fresh fish and seafood. Kaffas which owes its name to the African name of coffee beans is proud of its specialty coffees and skilled baristas, practicing latte art with every cup of coffee they serve.

Kaffas, a Venezuelan chain has a number of restaurants in Valencia, Barquisimeto and now also in Aruba.