JetBlue Airways celebrates five years on Aruba

The event at Amazonia Churrascaria celebrating JetBlue’s 5th year of operation on the island was truly fun. Guests and fans of the airlines commemorated the landmark and the remarkable journey which made JetBlue the largest carrier to Aruba trumping all other airlines. And while competitors cut back in the traditional Boston and New York markets which are Aruba’s two main gateways JetBlue expanded and was rewarded with healthy growth. Pictured here, John Bisslik, and his well-wishing guests, including representatives of U.S. Airways and Tiara Air.  Bisslik reports that JetBlue serves 70 destinations in 22 states including Puerto Rico, and eleven countries in the Caribbean, South America and Latin America.

Amazonia Churrascaria hosted the lovely dinner party in the private bar room, capped by an exceptional dessert experience, pampering diners with customized, delicious JetBlue cakes, frosted in company colors.