Jackpots continue to rain down at The Casino at the Radisson

The Casino at the Radisson is proud to introduce its latest batch of jackpot winners, who are proof that it pays to play at the popular casino in Palm Beach.

First up is JahairaVillega, visiting from Venezuela, who managed to land a Straight Flush while playing Let It Ride. For her excellent hand, Villega was awarded with an awesome cash prize of $6,400!

Also happy with her winnings was Mystery Jackpot Winner, local lady Angela Maria Flanegin. Angela was trying her luck at the slots when all of a sudden the machine lit up and the bells sounded, indicating she had won the Mystery Jackpot!

Angela is only one of the many players who have won a Mystery Jackpot; a new and exciting promotion at The Casino at the Radisson… Mystery Jackpot hits at random, surprising slot players with unexpected cash!

Imagine you’re playing at the casino, sitting at your favorite slot machine, then bells start ringing because you were just awarded a Mystery Jackpot, without even having a winning combination.

Best of all, the Mystery Jackpot can hit anytime, on any machine, if just keep playing with your Winners’ Circle membership card inserted, you can become one of the casino’s Mystery Jackpot winners, of $250 in cash!

Chantal Cha Young, Casino Sales & Marketing Coordinator reports that the Mystery Jackpot hits two or three times a day, at odd hours. So far, dozens of Mystery Jackpots have beenawarded at The Casino to delighted winners.

Pictured here are happy winners JahairaVillega and Angela Maria Flanegin.