Issac Delgado adds a good dose of salsa rhythm to the 4th Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival

Issac Delgado is one of the many top acts of the fourth Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival, which will be held on Friday, October 8 and Saturday, October 9. This Cuban salsa sensation adds a good dose of rhythm to the Festival, broadening the already wide scope of superb artists. Issac’s interest lay in soccer when he was growing up; however, he switched to music as soon as he hit his late teens and music has never been out of his mind ever since.

Growing up in the Mariano district of Havana, Cuba, Issac’s shining examples were his father, an outstanding musician, his older brother Nelson, a singer, composer and guitarist and his well-known mother, who was an actress, singer and a dancer. No wonder that he chose his career in music with this genial family in his background. Issac’s stars were Ruben Blades and Cheo Feliciano and they have certainly put their stamp on the music that is so uniquely Delgado.

Looking back at his early musical beginning, Issac is taught by the best in the business and he gained a wide experience when joining a group called Proyecto. This group performed old, traditional Cuban music, put into a modernized version. When just 21 years old, the singer became a professional musician, touring the world with the Orquestra de Pacho Alonso; he became the vocalist for the group Galaxia and the soloist of the famous Tropicana cabaret spectacle before conquering America during his concerts in Madison Square Garden with artists like Celia Cruz, el Canario and Grupo Niche, in NY Central Park, in Battery Park and Irving Plaza. “Issac Delgado performs the Cuban form of the Blues,’’ writes a journalist in praise after yet another spectacular performance.

As booking follows booking and album follows album, Delgado becomes a household name in the salsa music business. Aruba is therefore extremely proud to be able to welcome this outstanding international artist to its festival. Delgado is a biggie, who should not be missed!