Introducing Hawaiian Canoe Aruba

Fitness Director Renata Matarozzi and BODY PLANET VBA –make your body a useful tool, not just a trophy — introduce¬†FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE CARIBBEAN HAWAIIAN CANOE ARUBA, delivering TRAINING, TEAM WORK, LEISURE-PLEASURE, for an ACTIVE LIFESTYLE. Our mission, says Renata is to provide you with a unique opportunity to experience a workout and enjoy at the same time, the beautiful beaches of Aruba. Whether your goal is to paddle for fun, or you commit to compete at a high-level with amazing athletes, there is a place for you in this sport.

For beginners we created a supportive atmosphere to allow people time to gain more experience in the water.

For experienced paddlers we provide the opportunity to keep training while away from home, enjoying our beautiful weather and beaches, year long.  More information, coming soon!!