International Operator Day, Celebrated at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino

Eagle Beach – The PBX team of La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino was recognized for their hard work and efficiency on the occasion of the International Operator Day.

They deserve to have a day in their honor, says General Manager Joe Najjar as they are always ready to deliver service. Our operator he adds, are multi-taskers-extraordinaire, and exceptional team players. They maintain a friendly disposition at all times, and represent the company to internal and external guests in accordance to our Hospitality Happens Here philosophy. Which is something to be proud of, he concludes!

The food & beverage department prepared a lovely lunch for the ladies, then a training on telephone etiquette was given by Carlos Albertus, of B&P Interface, which was very well-received. The celebration ended with beautiful certificates and gifts, as tokens of the resort’s appreciation, for the priceless PBX Operators.