Ike’s Bistro at the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa Celebrates its Official Opening

Eagle Beach — This past weekend, a series of most-enjoyable events featuring great food & fine wines marked the official opening of Ike’s Bistro. The restaurant’s mission to create a unique eatery where the Mediterranean meets the Caribbean was accomplished with the help of its resident chef Ever de Pena, and visiting celebrity French chef, Alberto Ughetto, from Provence, France. The two talented professionals collaborated on a number of well-attended Surprise Tasting Dinners, leading up to the official launch at a sunset cocktail party on Tuesday.

The party was graced by members of the press, neighboring hotel executives, and friends of the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa who came to congratulate Board Member Bill Crona and General Manager Edgar Roelofs on the spectacular addition to their resort’s menu of services.

On the occasion of the party, Chef Alberto and Executive Chef George prepared a giant seafood Paella while Chef Ever oversaw the creation of bite-size menu samples off the new restaurant menu, paired with a nice selection of wines from the Mediterranean region.

The event, in association with Romar Trading and Arion Wine Company, marked the official opening of Ike’s Bistro named after the resort’s late founder, Ike Cohen, who is credited with the introduction of gourmet dining to the island as early as the 60s, when her arrived here and opened the Talk of the Town Hotel.  To make a reservation please call Ike’s Bistro at tel.: 5823444, or e-mail: Reserve@manchebo.com