IFA tours the antique shop at Rococo Plaza

ifa binnenplaats (640x480)Always interested in learning about places on Aruba, members of the International Friends of Aruba enjoyed a tour of the Antique Shop Louis 15th & Museum of Antiquities, on Tuesday, November 24.

Owner Nancy Ninaber-Schmidt treated her guests to an informative tour of the facility, complete with refreshments and a fun quiz about what they had learned.   The Antique Shop is located at Rococo Plaza, Tanki Leendert 158-G, and is open Monday through Friday during regular business hours and on Saturdays in the morning hours. The last Sunday of each month will find Rococo Plaza open to browsers and bargain hunters, in the morning hours. The place is a treasure trove of items from all over the world, from exquisite pieces of furniture to the tiniest accessories and home décor pieces.

Anyone interested in learning more about the International Friends of Aruba is invited to go to www.ifaruba.com for more information.