Housekeeping Week Celebrated at the Radisson Aruba Resort Casino & Spa

Palm Beach — The department of Human Resources festively inaugurated the fully renovated Star Cafeteria, which now boasts an attractive canopied entrance.

Associates arriving for an afternoon pick-me-up at the Star Cafeteria were greeted with a special filled to the brim to-go coffee mug, in partnership with Dunkin’ Donuts who also supplied the tasty treats.

The traditional side-splitting Bed Making Contest took place that same day in the Grand Caribbean Ballroom, where the scene was purely comical, as members of the Executive Committee fumbled and bungled, attempting to deliver flawless beds with perfectly tucked and folded sheets, pillows and blankets in under 2 minutes, in accordance with the resort’s standards.

General Manager Mark Lyttleton-Frances followed the age-old wisdom of the saying: You’ve made your bed now lie in it, and proceeded to also test all other beds made by his executives, which provoked great laughter among members of the resort housekeeping department, followed by valuable words of advice for the hotelier: Judging from your bed making skills, don’t quit your day job, yet.

Housekeeping Week at the resort celebrated the many tremendous contributions of these back-of-the-house unsung heroes with a series of fun after work activities, enjoyed by all.