Holiday in the Jungle The Renaissance Convention Center Previews its Themed Holiday Parties

A number of select decision-makers were invited to sample the Renaissance Convention Center hospitality as the party experts previewed their spectacular plans for the holidays.

Every year, the Renaissance Convention Center dresses up for the December rush of parties, ready to help host successful events, big and small, ushering in traditional Christmas joy and creative New Year’s magic.

On Friday afternoon, Rufat Geerman and his banquet and catering teams at the Renaissance Convention Center unveiled their themed plans, as the fully decorated ballroom transformed into a jungle, adding Bengal and White tigers to Santa’s menagerie, and trimming the old man’s red & white hat with a touch of animal print.

The food, at the heart of any celebration, really exceeded all expectations, in rich variety and superb taste.

The impressive buffet occupied a large portion of the ballroom featuring a number of food stations, all interactive, loaded with local and international favorites.

On the menu for the upcoming holiday season, a great number of composed salads, and a tempting Raw Bar, starring several type ceviches, a mountain of iced shrimp, and steamed mussels, served with appropriate condiments.

Besides traditional Roast Turkey and Glazed Ham, the Renaissance Convention Center also features a giant Paella station, mixing fragrant yellow saffron rice with a variety of fresh seafood to order.

The Japanese buffet with just-rolled Sushi and sliced Sashimi, including smoked eel, octopus, salmon, crab & tuna, escorted by pickled ginger, seaweed and wasabi, features a live tempura Chef, frying tasty sushi rolls, upon request.

At the pasta station the Chef tosses a variety of tubes with Crab Claws, Octopus, Scallops and Shrimp, pairing them with famous delicious sauces.

Among hot dishes the Chicken Keshi Yena and the Beef Tenderloin are irresistible crowd pleasers!

The highlights of the dessert selection include a live Chef preparing flamed tropical fruit, tossed with liquor, paired with ice cream, traditional Yuletide logs, white and dark chocolate mousses and chocolate petit-fours, fruit tarts, marzipan specialties including a zebra striped, two tone, two tier cake, and mocha Napoleons.

The incredible spread is complemented with an open bar and free flowing libations.

“Book us,” said one of the guests, representing a large Eagle Beach hotel property, we have been coming to the convention center for the past two years, and loved every aspect of the experience, we’re coming again this year!