Hilario Angela College in San Nicolas receives a much-needed facelift

Hilario Angela College in San Nicolas, an elementary school in the local public school system received a much-needed helping hand from La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club when dozens of resort employees put in a full day’s work at the school, trimming bushes, weeding, painting and fixing.

One of the teachers, Patricia Senchi, originally went to the resort for some help with a class project.

When asked about the school’s situation she poured out her heart about the deplorable state of repair and maintenance. La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club listened and following a close evaluation decided that indeed, a face lift is required, and feasible.

In collaboration with Fantastic Gardens, Aruba’s plant people, associates armed with paint, brushes and brooms, took over the school soliciting and receiving the students’ help.

The effort was also joined y school teachers and some parents from the neighborhood, who rolled up their sleeves for a good cause.

Pictured here the talented group in action, also receiving a certificate of appreciation from the school. Hilario Angela College in San Nicolas is located in a lower middle class neighborhood, and is struggling to maintain high quality education and care for the students in the face of budget cuts and economic hardship.

Thanks to the following companies for their collaboration: Konstructiva for the transporting of the materials and Professional Pest Control, and Managing Director, Anthony Wever, for spraying for termites, ants and other insects.