Heli with Banner

Undisturbed ArubaImagine a helicopter, flying over the beaches. It’s not just a regular heli, it’s a heli with giant flying advertising messages.

Wouldn’t this be a perfect idea?

Not really but for the sake of true reporting the new service by Skybanners Aruba is now offered by Aruba Heli-Tours, booking more than just sightseeing flights. The company now also operates flights with advertising banners over the island.

The promo-flights carry a LARGE, up to 40 meters, by 13 meters banner with a surface area of 520 m2, which is difficult to ignore as it floats over heads.

There is a one time investment in the banner then patrons only pay a fixed rate per minute. Rates start at USD 20 per minute and will become more reasonable when buying more minutes. The minimum purchase however is 30 min/flight.

If you are interested omirasf@setarnet.aw.