“Havana Dance,” is the hottest Cuban show on the island

Featured singers Havana Dance
Featured singers Havana Dance

The elegant Crystal Theater sparkles with all the excitement of Las Vegas as the magnificent “Havana Dance” explodes on stage with a thrilling mix of Latin & Cuban music, colorful costumes and high energy, contemporary Cuban dance.

“Havana Dance” is the biggest stage production in the Caribbean, featuring Cuban dancers and entertainers directly from Havana.

The show delivers a purely Cuban spectacle, with a cast of 12 female ballerinas, 4 male dancers, 2 singers and 3 acrobats, performing a fresh program accompanied by live Cuban music performed on stage by a genuine Cuban orchestra, consisting of 5 professional Cuban musicians.

This live dance AND live music combination as seen in our pictures, is ‘first of its kind’ on the island.

While the greater part of the “Havana Dance” review enjoys predominantly Cuban flavor, the show is graced with a truly unique Caribbean choreography, and many tropical touches.

“Havana Dance” unfolds on a two-tiered stage, with entrances and exits to and off the arena at different heights, which presents a new visual concept. The custom-designed costumes are sensual, daring, colorful, and luxurious and set “Havana Dance” apart from any other cabaret.

Producer Steve Hudson who enjoyed an unprecedentedly-successful seven-year run with his previous “Let’s Go Latin” review, conceived and created an exciting and much-evolved new must-see spectacle.

Tickets for “Havana Dance” are US$ 49.- Children under 12 pay US$25.-

Tickets are available at the theater box office, Renaissance Aruba Resort, and can also be purchased at the concierge’s desk at the Renaissance Aruba Resort.

Other ticket vendors include the De Palm Tours and Pelican Adventure Activity Centers at the resorts. A special dinner & show package is also available in conjunction with the L.G. Smith’s Steak & Chop House for US$89.- per person.

For additional information and reservations call the Crystal Theatre at Tel.: 583 6000, ext. 6115, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. After 5 p.m., call tel.: 583 6000 ext. 6357.

Don’t miss an opportunity to be greatly entertained by the sizzle of “Havana Dance.”