Gostoso is a terrific find, serving lovely food

GostosoWe have been hearing about the place for nine years and for nine years I promise the owners to drop in . . . it finally happened Friday, after the National Casting for Aruba Model Search.

We were hungry and in town, thus Gostoso became our dinner destination. Wow, what a find.

Food is delicious, the place is clean and friendly, service gracious and sweet and the prices super reasonable.

Gostoso is located on Hospitalstraat #12, between the roundabout of Seroe Blanco and the traffic lights leading into town. Coming from Seroe Blanco it will be on your left hand side.

Fresh fish, steak, the menu is lovely and the food is served with great attention to detail, with nice local sides, funchi & fried banana, the pica, the homemade local hot sauce is divine.

We had a fried plantain sushi stuffed with shrimp, deep fried and served with sweet soy sauce, as a shared appetizer. I had grouper as main course and I will be back for more, it was all excellent.

The strolling guitarist sang us a love song, and the owner Jose do Nascimento sent a complimentary Port as an after-dinner drink. Naturally, being from a Portuguese family, his food also has an under-layer of Portuguese flavor.

The experience could not be nicer!!

Open for lunch and dinner, every day except Monday. Tel.: 297 592 1455