Gloria Vega is the Recipient of the First Annual Malmberg Family Award

The University of Aruba, the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management Studies, FHTMS, is proud to announce that Gloria Vega is the winner of the first annual competition, vying for the Malmberg Family award of excellence.

The family, in conjunction with the university, decided to establish an annual contest for the best defended thesis, presented by FHTMS graduates.

The University of Aruba, offers a three year B.Sc. degree, which culminates in the defense by the students of their research thesis. The thesis draws on all the knowledge and experience gained by the students, both in and out of class, over their time at the university and is an opportunity to research a practical problem, at an academic level, following well-defined scientific procedures.

The Malmberg Family, pioneers in the tourism field, as well as visionaries and innovators, decided to further enhance that academic process with an award of excellence. Recognize the important role research plays in providing the necessary data needed to make well-informed decisions about how the industry can and should progress in the future, the Malmberg Family has initiated an annual award to be presented to the student, of that year’s graduating class, who wrote and defended the best thesis.

It is with great pride that the Malmberg Family, along with the University of Aruba, announces that this year’s winner is Gloria Vega for her thesis on:

Key Elements Needed for Boutique Hotels to Represent a Viable Business Opportunity for Investors in a Small Island Development States (SIDS)  like Aruba.

The competition for this award was very intense with six of Gloria’s classmates scoring an “A“ for their thesis, however Gloria went one step further, breaking new grounds with the quality of her research, thus becoming the first FHTMS graduate to score a full “A”and the winner of the Malmberg Family award, which comes with it.