Geox Delivering Innovative Technologies

dsc09966Geox Aruba now enjoys its soft opening at the Renaissance Mall. The concept store opened its doors to the public even before completing the setup as shoppers were knocking on the door, asking to make purchases even before the store-sign was installed.

Geox is apparently a very popular Italian brand with a dedicated following in the USA and Europe. The Geox genesis goes back to the ’90s during a business trip to Reno Nevada to promote the family wine business at a trade fair Italian businessman Mario Polegato decided to go for hike in the mountains.

Soon he became irritated by his overheating feet, baking inside his rubber-soled shoes, and in a flash of inspiration the ‘shoes that breathe’ were born as he punctured holes in the soles to let air in and excess heat escape.

He knew from the beginning that the idea would be revolutionary and would change the way people think about their shoes.

Polegato went home to Italy and patented the technology according to which outsoles are perforated in the forefoot area where most sweat glands are located. The micro-porous membrane he designed features holes smaller than water molecules, but larger than vapor molecules. The membrane is inserted inside the sole to allow on-going ventilation, preventing water and debris from coming anywhere near feet.

The fruit of Polegato’s flash inspiration is a comfortable line of footwear especially suited for active feet and for anyone working on his feet, standing, or walking for an extended period of time.

The benefits of having Happy Feet is enormous, resulting in a happier facial expression and a general feeling of well-being, which is especially true for women who often buy shoes based on aesthetics which sacrifice comfort.

Geox, hailing from Italy, has been in the US market since 2004 and enjoys great popularity on an international level

To admire the amazing collection for men, women and children, visit the Geox Store at Renaissance Mall; the shoes are blessed by Italian design and combine style and functionality. Geox Aruba, Renaissance Mall, tel.: 588 6736,