Fund Raising Happy Jump Hour with Le Grove

dsc02721Attorneys Lincoln Gomez and Andin Bikker welcomed friends and clients to a happy jump hour with Le Groove, on their new office parking lot Friday, helping fundraise for the Red Cross Aruba. Gomez & Bikker is an international law firm, providing a complete assistance to its clients including banks, lessees and other financiers, businesses, governments, non-profit organizations and individual clients at the global level.

The firm’s new main office is located in Oranjestad, Aruba, in the former heart institute, Caya J.E.M. Arends 14, while it has a representation office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Happy jump hour was organized in the spirit of Carnival and fits Gomez & Bikker’s primary goal to create the best personal relationships between clients and attorneys, as the firm aims to excel in representing their individual clients.

Gomez & Bikker Practice areas include: corporate law, aviation, maritime, media, intellectual property, banking, bankruptcy, taxation and telecommunications.
Law Attorneys Gomez & Bikker are members of the Terralex Network.